The Perfect Sunday Routine: Six Habits For a Successful Reset

“Time flows in a strange way on Sundays.”

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Sundays are my favorite day of the week. Not just because they have that warm coffee and croissant type of feeling hidden in its meaning but because something about it yells reset. And who doesn’t love to press reset after a long week or even a night out drinking?
Sundays are just your day to relax and indulge in your self-care routine. Not just physically but mentally and spiritually as well. If I ever have a productive kick-ass week, I normally owe it to how I spent my Sunday. So if you want to learn how to create your perfect Sunday routine to kick-start your week, read on to learn some of my tips for a successful reset day.
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relax and detox

This is probably one of my most important Sunday rules and that is to detox. This means not drinking alcohol (at least not past noon), eating healthy, and drinking a lot of fluids. Because let’s be honest, if you’re over the age of twenty-five, you most likely need more than twelve hours for your body to fully recuperate and detox from any weekend celebrations.
Use this day to cleanse your body of any impurities so that you feel your absolute best for that Monday morning. Stick to green juices, warm teas, or iced coffees, and drink plenty and plenty of water. I absolutely love Liquid IV to fuel up on electrolytes and get that glowing sleep-for-ten-hours kind of look. The more you hydrate and nourish your body, the more you can feel more alive and prepared for the week ahead.
I also recommend taking a long hot bath with bath salts or sweating it off in a steam room. If you don’t have a bat you can use shower steam pods to get the same spa-like feeling.

Write your weekly story

This is something almost every successful person will stress. The best way to be prepared for anything is to plan it. So take time to schedule everything you want to accomplish in the following week. Set your goals and write your life. If you want to get out of that auto-pilot life of yours you need to begin incorporating new things into your weekly schedule. Plan a hike, a coffee date, or something new and fascinating. Make it a goal to do something new every week, or even something that scares you. & don’t just talk about it, do it. The only way you’re going to do it is if you schedule it. You can purchase my favorite weekly planner here.

Tidy UP

Nothing feels better than falling asleep on freshly washed sheets. Now imagine that feeling in every place in your home. Yes, you heard me? Clean your home, your bedroom, your desk, and any other space you plan on using that week. Having an organized space leads to an organized mind. You want your mind to be like a blank canvas, ready to go and absorb information. Not only will you feel cleaner but tidying up also helps get rid of any stagnant energy from the week before. So refresh and energize your space. And don’t forget to light a candle to add that hint of zen.

Reset & Realign

Weekends are for fun so it’s important to separate work from pleasure. But it’s just as important to realign with your goals at the end of that weekend. So go over your overall goals, whether they’re weekly, monthly, or yearly. Start realigning with them and allowing that focused energy to flow through you. Say thanks for the wonderful weekend you had and get excited for a whole new week ahead. If you currently hate your job, this is a great time to set a goal that you actually look forward to. Something that gets you excited on a Monday morning. I like personally like to meditate and visualize my goals becoming a reality and create weekly steps that will get me closer to them. By realigning yourself to your goals, you not only remind yourself what all the effort is for but you allow yourself to reset your mind from the crazy weekend. 

Do something for you

There’s no better way to tell yourself thank you than to do something for yourself. Do it for you and nobody else. Get a facial, run a hot bubble bath, or buy yourself a new mascara. It doesn’t have to be something extraordinary, just something that makes you smile. Something that helps you remember why you are doing what you are doing, for you. So hug yourself, write yourself a love letter and simply remind yourself that you are your own priority.

find a moment of stillness

Silence your mind before the busy week. Allow yourself to take this day a little slower than the rest. Don’t just rush your reset routine, enjoy it and really feel every step of it. Be present and be fully aware of all your surroundings. Try to see things in a new light, and find the beauty in the ordinary things. Read a book with classical music playing in the background. Bury your feet in the sand and smell the fresh air. Take a moment to reground yourself and feel the calm before the storm which is the upcoming week.
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Post: The Perfect Sunday Routine: Six Habits For a Successful Reset


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