Timeless Romantic Gifts for Him for any Occasion

Shopping for men is not the easiest no matter how much you know them. There are just not as many options as there are for women. You can go the general route like getting him a watch or a pair of socks. Or you can opt for a more memorable, unique gift.
Personally, I love to give men memorable gifts that make a lasting impression. You want him to remember you even long after the relationship has ended (hopefully it doesn’t). So I’ve created a list of timeless gifts to give your man, no matter the occasion. Show the man you love how much you appreciate him with my favorite list of unique and romantic gifts for him.

Create memories with a projector

What’s one thing all couples have in common? They love to Netflix and chill. Now you can take it to the next level by creating your own at-home movie experience. But don’t just hand him the projector, create a memorable event that will remain in his thoughts long after. A moment that you can both go back to and remanence.
unique gifts for him. Projector
You can purchase my favorite projector using the link above. It’s so easy to connect and can even be used with just Bluetooth. Set up your hors d’oeuvres, a blow-up mattress with lots of comfy pillows, and some candles to set the scene. Play your favorite romantic movie and voila, the perfect romantic gift for him.

Personalized whiskey decanter

Whether your man loves a good whiskey, scotch, or brandy, he’s going to love a personalized decanter. Decanters just yell old money sophistication and what man doesn’t want to feel just that? To come home after a long day and sip on his aged scotch with the smell of leather-scented candles. My favorite custom decanter is available on Amazon for less than $100! Purchase it here.
Now to create an even more memorable experience, purchase an aged or vintage bottle to pair with your decanter. You can also opt for a DIY homemade whiskey. You can spend an evening creating personalized flavors as unique as your relationship. This will surely leave him with a romantic aftertaste.
unique gifts for him. Personalized whiskey decanter

the everdure portable grill

If your man loves to grill, get a grill that can be taken on the go. The Everdure grill not only looks amazing and sophisticated but it’s easy to clean, convenient to use, and comes with its own wooden cutting board. This grill is guaranteed to help you create even more lasting memories. Enjoy a bbq in the park, or a picnic on the beach, or keep it in your car for any spontaneous grilling needs.
Pair it with the ultimate grilling spice set to enhance your chef experience. Your outdoor man will absolutely love this unique gift for him.
unique gifts for him. Everdure portable grill

capture moments with a drone

All men love a good gadget to play with and show off. With a drone, you can now capture moments from above. Go out for a romantic coastal evening, capture a 360 view of your favorite hotel, and more. Having a drone will encourage you both to plan more excursions or even travel abroad to capture even more unique scenes and memories. Lucky for us, drones are now more affordable than ever. Purchase one that I know to be loved by all here.
unique gifts for him. Drone. Capture memories from above.

Tickets to a game or concert

If you truly want him to remember you for a lifetime, take him to his favorite show. Whether it’s his favorite band, football team, or even the NutCracker show. Surprise him with an experience he will never forget and will always bring back memories of you. Every time that song plays or he sees his team play on their home court, he will always look out and remember that moment. You can find affordable local tickets or go all out for his favorite artist. And it doesn’t even have to be on the exact day of your special occasion. It’s okay to give him something to look forward to with you. Sometimes the anticipation is even more exciting.

Men’s Spa Day

Although most men wont admit it, everyone could use a little TLC every now and then. Giving your man a spa day or bath set will only let him now what a hard working man you think he is. Spice it up by incorporating a bubble bath together filled with lit candles and some red wine. Allow him to relax and truly enjoy that moment with you. You can opt for a full couples massage or a simpel men’s spa gift set like this one. Regardless, make sure the day is all about him. 
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Post: Timeless Romantic Gifts for Him for any Occasion


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